​Going to church should be something you want to do, not something you “have” to do.  Unfortunately, I think a lot of people fall into the latter category when thinking about attending church.  It’s not their fault really.  Ask yourself, when was the last time you left  church thinking, “Wow, that was great!  I can’t wait 

until next week to come back!”  Doesn’t happen too often for most of us.  


New Creation is about opening doors.  We like to open our church doors to anyone and everyone in our “come as you are” spirit.  We like to open our kitchen door to provide some morning refreshment.  We like to open the doors to our sanctuary where you will find couches and chairs and a spirit and practice of worship you probably have not experienced before.  We hope and pray that God opens the doors to all our hearts and minds.


So we invite you to come check us out sometime.  We’ll keep a cup of coffee warmed up and a space on the couch for you.  And you just might find yourself thinking, “Wow, this was great!  I can’t wait till next week.”

Pastor Brett


Join us Saturdays 11:30 a.m. to celebrate the day of rest God has given us! 
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Bible Study for all ages begins at 10 AM
Family Focus is at 11:15 AM
Worship begins at 11:30 AM
For more information or if you have any questions, call 402.430.6508.


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